Company Structure


Established in 1972, Impresstik Pty Ltd has grown to become one of Australia’s largest and most reputable suppliers of roll-fed pressure-sensitive labels and label application equipment.

In November 2018, Print Media Group (PMG) acquired The Impresstik Group. PMG have a rich history in the printing industry beginning business as Fraser & Jenkinson Printer and Publishers in Melbourne in 1892. Having been trading continuously since that time we have grown to be a significant print and logistics specialist with extensive manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities Australia wide. For more information regarding PMG please go to

The Impresstik Group comprises three divisions, Impresstik Labels, Impresstik Systems and Impresstik Hi – Dec providing contract labelling and packaging services.

All divisions have led the industry through design, innovation, and complete dedication in ensuring customers’ needs are defined, managed, and end solutions that bring on time delivery and brand success for the client.

Manufacturing operates from two purpose-built sites with state of the art technology, one located in Macquarie Park and the other in Seven Hills, Sydney, Australia. It is the only organisation in Australasia to locally manufacture both components – and to market machinery as well as labels as an integrated ‘total solution’ package.

Impresstik Systems also specializes in worldwide sales of its automated roll-fed neck-tag application system, Protag™

Impresstik sets itself the highest standards of achievement in every respect – and continually seeks improvement in an ever-changing environment and marketplace. Impresstik Labels strives to maintain an equally high level of ongoing innovation.

All areas of the company’s operation adhere to quality & service standards governed by its ISO9001:2008 accreditation. Further to this, Impresstik runs to the accreditation standards set out under the ISO14001 Environmental Policy.



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