Sustainable Solutions

Impresstik is committed to continuously finding new ways to ensure our printing processes are sustainable.

We share these commitments with our customers and suppliers to ensure the total supply chain discusses and resolves any sustainability issues.

Below are just a few of our current and long standing initiatives to reduce waste:

  • Waterless Offset printing
  • Reduction in solvent use
  • Partnered supplier programmes with UPM Raflatac for subtract materials.
  • Separated water recycling for plate making wash out.
  • Use and promotion of PET backing liners with recycling properties
  • State of the art presses with reduced setup & set down, reduced labour usage therefore reduced energy use.
  • Quality Systems inline with ISO 14001 requirements.

Sustainability Policy

At Impresstik we are committed to ensure that our activities, products and services enhance the environment in which we operate. To this end we are committed to environmental improvement and preventing pollution.

We manage our environmental and economic risks, and we are prepared to invest on opportunities that deliver outcomes that are sustainable and that benefit all concerned.

We are committed to comply with all legal and statutory requirements in relation to health and safety, environmental legislation, standards and practices.

Our activities and practices are aimed at:

  • Reducing unnecessary waste
  • Minimising environmental impact
  • Using latest and efficient technologies where possible
  • Recycling wherever possible

We are committed to working with all staff, suppliers and customers in a way that supports a sustainable future. We will continually improve our performance by gathering, analysing and using information that encourage a sustainable future

Partners in sustainability

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