Contract Labelling

Contract Labelling

Impresstik Hi Dec is a part of Impresstik Systems and offers a fully integrated solution of contract labelling products in our clean room facilities. Impresstik Labels shall consult with you to develop and manufacture labels for your supplied packaging and then label the finished product with direct transport back to your warehouse or other supply chain requirements.

We also provide repack services for re labelling and repackaging of imported packaging for new localized requirements.

Our team of experienced staff can offer you with the best advise on ensuring the right labels fit the right packaging containers – big or small, and the right labelled result without the initial outlay or rental of a label applicator.

  • Online inspection
  • Date coding
  • Orientating around container seams for label accuracy and consistency
  • Sealant tube labelling
  • Application to unusually shaped products
  • In-house systems adhering to HACCAP requirements.

Great for new product launches, field trials, repackaging, additional packaging capacity and general promotional requirements.


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