Super fine resolution printing

One of the recent innovations which Impresstik is excited to offer clients is the option of 300 line screen printing as standard on our new label presses and supporting technologies.

Say goodbye to the undesirable appearance of dots in halftone images and the ‘fuzzy’ appearance of text when it is made up of percentages of colour/s.

Super fine resolution printing

Impresstik’s new “Computer to Plate” technology achieves the highest level of quality in the fastest possible time.

Of course the dot remains; however, it is so fine that it is very difficult to detect, even under our standard magnifying glass.

Grey text made out of 50% process black (for example) previously appeared broken up like a checkerboard due to printing at industry standards of between 150-200 linescreen; however, there was no option (until now) of avoiding this effect or having to pay for a extra spot colour plate. Fifty per cent black text is no problem at 300 linescreen; it prints sharply and gives the appearance of solid grey text.

Designers of intricate label designs have been extremely impressed with the unbelievable detail and sharpness of their high quality images, which until now has not been readily available in the label market.

The addition of the new Epson Stylus Pro 7900 proofing printer in the pre-press department is doing wonders to the confidence of designers and clients alike, particularly as they can be guaranteed a press match proof, therefore avoiding the time consuming process of attending press approvals on the day of printing.

Impresstik is very excited to be able to offer these quality innovations and we are sure you will be once again… “Impress-t”. (pun of impresstik)


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